5 Tips For Fuelling Your Workouts

With football and other sporting events starting to take place again we decided to do a blog on the importance of nutrition for fuelling a workout.


Tip 1

Pre Workout - Pre workout meals should be high in complex carbs (wholegrains), have moderate protein and be low in fat. You want to be aiming to eat your pre workout meal around 90 - 120 minutes before your session. You want this meal to be between around 300 - 500 calories. 

Tip 2

Fiber - Keep fiber to a minimum before your workout, fiber can bring unwanted cramps upon and leave your stomach upset.

Tip 3

Don't go hungry - If you begin a workout hungry you will be more likely to become lethargic. Eating a small snack before your workout will prevent this. Ideally you want this to be around 50-100 calories and something like fruit/granola bars etc that are fast digesting carbs.

Tip 4

Keep hydrated - Its recommended to drink roughly 2/3 litres of water a day. When training it's especially important to reach this goal so you don't become dehydrated. 

Tip 5

Post workout -  Post workout meals are just as important as the pre workout meal. It is so important to eat meals high in carbs and protein. This meal will be perfect to start the recovery process for your muscles and begin to prepare your body for the next session.